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Security Light

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We would like to introduce you to our new DIY self-contained LED Security Light system, with a battery back-up of over 6 Hours of light, in an event of a power outage,

HOW TO INSTALL, plug in the 220v supply to the Box, mount and position the flood lights where needed, then insert plug leads into Box,  fix Day Night switch to access normal day light,

HOW IT WORKS, After installation, and when ambient daylight reaches 50 LUX or less, the two LED flood lights will illuminate, conversely when the ambient light goes above 50 LUX the LED flood lights will switch off,   

This is a all plug in system, 220V AC supply, with 2 x 24V DC socket outlets, and, one plug in Day-night sensor, that makes this a easy and safe way for the ordinary man in the street to install,

Product Feature:

Easy to install,

No Electrician required,

6 hours Battery back-up,

2 x 27w Energy saving LED Flood Lights IP 67,

4000 lumens of light,

2 x 10 meter extension cords,

1 x Day Night sensor,

Warranty 1 year,

Box Size: (L)475mm x (H)230mm x (W)230mm, Weight 17.5 KG



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