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The Strand Cropper will cut all sizes of pre-stressing strand up to 18mm diameter and steel round bar or wire rope up to 20mm in diameter,
It was originally designed to cut off the projecting length of strand which is left after stressing rock anchors in underground support work, without the dangers inherent in using abrasive disc cutters,
The cutting blades are made of specially hardened tool steel which ensures a long working life and are reversible in the case of damage to the cutting edges,

    • Max. Cutting Force                                                                290kN
      • Cutting Capacity - Pre-Stress Strand                                       18mm
                                        - Round Bar                                                 20mm
        • Ram Area                                                                        5050mm2
          • Max. Pressure                                                                      60MPa
          •  Mass                                                                                     12kg
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