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LED Miners Cap Lamp

Item specifics
Material: Plastic
Bulb Type: LED
Model Number:KL5LM

Brand Name: OEM
Power Generation: Switch

Usage: illumination
Certification: MA / Exs I
Color : Black

Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Waterproof Level: IP54
Input Voltage:110-240V
Description: The kind of miner's lamp is a new type of environmental-friendly lamp, which is adopted the most advanced 1w LED made by Lumileds Lighting Company  and lithium batteries.

This kind of miner's lamp can be applied in flammable and explosive environment such as coal mines, chemical industry, oil and road transportation, also can be applied in other mobile lighting places. The kind of miner's lamp got flameproof certificate ratified by National Coal Mining Machinery Quality Supervision and Testing Center. The kind of miner's lamp is designed based on GB7857-2003 General requirements for safety of miners lampand MT927-2004KL miners lamp, which have characteristics of small size, light weight, long service life, free of maintenance, environmental protection.

Technical Data For KL5LM
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated capacity: 5Ah
Lighting time: >25H (main illuminant)
Illumination: 3500-10000Lx (start of lighting)
LED current: 0.2A (main illuminant)
Battery life: >500 cycle time
Amperage of charge: 0.6A (average)
Weight: <450G
Ambient Temperature: -15~40 °C
The standard lamp is 3500Lux



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