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Compact Heavy HID Work Lights, Specifically designed for the Exploratory Drilling & Mining Industries,
Purpose-Built Lights Providing Virtual Daylight. For a Safer, More Efficient & Productive Working Environment.


The HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps are designed to with stand the demanding requirements of the mining, forestry, drilling and earth moving industries.
Xenon tubes are considerably brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs, which mean that the use of HID lamps saves the alternator and fuel. HID lamps generate less heat, are durable against vibration and shock and last longer than a halogen lamp. HID lamps have great luminous intensity and the light is very similar to day light, which improves working safety and pleasant for the operator of the vehicle


Light Source : 35w D15 Xenon - Gas Discharge Lamb (3000 Hours)

Nominal Voltage: 12v or 24v
Operating Current: 12v System: 2.65Amp

Operating Current: 24v System: 1.70Amp
(Will not compromise electrical system)
Operating Temperature: -40cº ~ +45cº

Colour Temperature: 4200K (Virtual Daylight)

Vibration: Exceeds SAE J2139

Salt Mist: Exceeds ASTM B1117 & SAE J2139

Lens: Hardened Glass with Stone Guard Grill

Housing: Toughened Glass Fibre/Black Nylon

Ballast: Internal D15 Driver

Mounting Hardware: Stainless Steel

Mounting Bracket: Power Coated Metal

Dimension: 114mm (4.5") Wide x 127mm (5.0") deep x 162mm (6.3) High

Weight: 1.12 kg

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