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  HID Xenon Remote Control Searchlight


1. Multi-function wireless HID work light
2. Wireless remote control, 150M
3. 360 Rotation x 120 vertically
4. Dust & water resist


Multi-function wireless HID work light
HOT Feature

1. Wireless remote control, 150M
2. 360º Rotation x 120º vertically
3. 3 times brightness than halogen bulb
4. Patented HID bulb design for better sight
5. Energy Saving, Longer Lasting
6. Hi-impact plastic housing
7. Precision metal reflector
8. Operation temperature: -40 to +180
9. 12V and 24V 35W/55W


Mail Feature
1. Wireless Remote Controlled Operation
2. Wireless 360º Rotation x 120º vertically control
3. High quality HID Lamp with arc angle and automatic power supply
4. Color temperature: various from 4300K to 12000K
5. 300,000 Candle Power, 6Amps
6. Dust & water resistance For Land And Sea Application
7. Innovative Mounting Bracket designed
8. Ballast built-in
9. With cigarette lighter plug
10. HID bulb in 35W produces the brightness as much as three times of Halogen in 55W

Application of hid work lamp:
•shop illumination
•mining & tunneling & caving
•road construction & paving
•construction site
•outdoor emergency light
•snow grooming (snow cat)
•interior decorating / painting
•off road & back road
•helicopter search and rescue
•ground search and rescue
•law enforcement and security
•workspace illumination
•road construction & paving
•service truck
•Painting / artwork illumination
•law enforcement and security



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